August 20, 2012

No more pink hair

At least for right now. I damaged my hair so bad from bleaching it SEVERAL times to actually get my jet black hair to lighten up so the pink would hold. Sallys products suck. Now I am just reviving it from all the drama I put my hair through. Drrrry as fuuuuuck! I don't see how those girls constantly bleach and dye their hair crazy colors all the time and their hair still looks good. Come December I may do my hair pink again.

I freakin' love my shirt! Ordered it from China. Shits got leather straps and gold metal things in between the ribcage all the way down.

Let it be known that I HATE cats. Disgusting! Blah!

This is my shirt <3

And these are my AWESOME spiked leather knee leggings. Also from China. Gotta love ebay!

Dammit don't you just hate it when your thighs squish out when you sit down?

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